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Fake news on the rise ahead of Mexico elections

Fake news is multiplying on social networks in Mexico during an election campaign marked by increased political polarization, insults and attacks against candidates and parties, experts warn. "We see a deliberate strategy by all political actors, of all political campaigns, to exacerbate polarization," said Abraham Trejo, coordinator of the Hate and Harmony project at the College of Mexico.

Trans candidates fight for rights in Mexico election

Fighting discrimination, challenging stereotypes and striving for greater rights for the LGBT community, dozens of Mexican transgender candidates are seeking political empowerment in midterm elections next month. The push for greater political empowerment reflects a trend seen elsewhere in the region such as in Ecuador, where transgender politician Diane Rodriguez was elected to the National Assembly in 2017.

Protesters demand justice for Mexico metro crash victims

Hundreds of protesters gathered in the Mexican capital on Friday demanding justice for the 25 people killed when an elevated metro line with a history of problems came crashing down. The metro line which partially collapsed, the city's newest, has been plagued by a series of problems since it was inaugurated in 2012.