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US says unclear Iran ready for nuclear pact return

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that it remains unclear whether Iran is "ready and willing" to take the necessary steps to return to compliance with the multination nuclear agreement. He added that more importantly, "Iran, I think, knows what it needs to do to come back into compliance on the nuclear side, and what we haven't yet seen is whether Iran is ready and willing to make a decision.

Iran heavy-hitters Raisi, Larijani bid for presidential race

Two of Iran's political heavy-hitters, ultraconservative Ebrahim Raisi and moderate conservative Ali Larijani, launched on Saturday what may be the main battle for next month's presidential election. Former judge Raisi was the leading rival to Rouhani in the 2017 election, and is seen as the main figure for the conservative camp this year.