Returnal devs "hear the community" about save options

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Returnal devs Housemarque have acknowledged the community's request for save options, but didn't make any promises to add them in a future update. 

The PS5 exclusive is a notoriously difficult roguelike that's been met with largely positive feedback - with the caveat that you will die a lot while playing it. As someone who can't get past the first quarter of Dark Souls, I understand the frustration of not having save points - as do some of Returnals' players, including Reddit user AbUndMax, who wrote a post on Returnal's subreddit titled 'No need to be toxic about people who need save-options!'

The post lays out how Returnal could benefit from save options for specific types of players, including "busy people" who need to save. The Redditor suggests "players shouldn't be able to choose between save files and the save files should be automatically deleted as soon as you die so the rogue-like character of the game won't get destroyed."

Housemarque shared the post on Twitter, writing "We hear the community and we love you all. Nothing to announce now, but keep playing and enjoying the challenge as you can!" Now, the company has clearly heard some players' pleas for save options, but it doesn't look like there are any plans to add that feature to the game - yet. The Returnal devs recently shared 30 minutes of dev gameplay and offered some insightful commentary, including some of the weapons you'll find and the systems you'll encounter. It may be worth a watch if you haven't jumped into the game yet. 

If you're already playing, make the most of every run with our handy list of Returnal tips.

Returnal devs "hear the community" about save options