Watch Dogs Legion gets a new update that adds co-op private matches

a group of people on a stage: Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer © Provided by GamesRadar Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer

Watch Dogs Legion’s dystopian future finally supports private co-op matches. 

Ubisoft has announced that the latest Watch Dogs Legion title update is dropping today, and it’s adding the feature that was missing when the multiplayer mode first launched back in March

Previously, if you tried to play online, the game would autofill with random players from across the world if you couldn't get a full squad of friends together. 

It was an annoying little oversight that has now thankfully been fixed with Title Update 4.0, which went live at 8:30 AM EDT, 5:30 AM PDT, 12:30 PM UTC, 2:30 PM CEST. The patch size will be somewhere between 19GB - 37GB, depending on your platform.

Private co-op games are the headline feature, but there are a host of other additions to Watch Dogs Legion in this update too. There are two new operatives types, called DJ and First Responder. The DJ is all about offensive damage output and stunning enemies with their Killer Beat and Feedback loop abilities, while the First Responder has an AR Medical Shield and Hydraulic Rescue Tool, which means they’ll be doing more damage than they’ll be healing.

There are also some new Operative abilities that random NPCs can be found with, and three new co-op missions that you can play with your friends. There have also been some adjustments to XP gains for various challenges that you can undertake. 

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Watch Dogs Legion gets a new update that adds co-op private matches