Great White review: Shark thriller sinks on shoestring budget

**Length: 91 minutes

Director: Martin Wilson

Cast: Katrina Bowden, Aaron Jakubenko, Kimie Tsukakoshi, Tim Kano, Te Kohe Tuhaka

Release details: In theatres 13 May (Singapore)**

2.5 out of 5 stars

Great White, like its name suggests, is a horror thriller film about deadly sharks. The story follows a couple, Kaz Fellows (Katrina Bowden) and Charlie Brody (Aaron Jakubenko), who operate island tours using a seaplane. Just when the couple is struggling with their business, tourists Joji Minase (Tim Kano) and Michelle (Kimie Tsukakoshi) book a tour to Hell’s Reef. Joining them onboard is the cook, Benny (Te Kohe Tuhaka).

What is supposed to be a pleasant trip soon becomes horrific when they find a stranded corpse on the island, mangled by sharks. After taking a look at the dead man’s phone, they realise he is here with a woman, who may still be alive, somewhere out in the sea. They set off on the seaplane to find the woman, which becomes a bad mistake when the seaplane is destroyed by a shark.

Trapped on a raft and stranded miles from shore, the five of them have to work together, not only to make it to land before they run out of supplies, but also escape man-eating sharks lurking beneath the surface.

Great White review: Shark thriller sinks on shoestring budget