A Trip With Your Wife review: A touching comedy about love and friendship

Rhydian Vaughan et al. that are standing in the grass

Length: 94 minutesDirector: Gavin LinCast: Michelle Chen, Bryan Chang, Rhydian VaughanLanguage: Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitlesRelease details: In theatres 6 May (Singapore)

3.5 out of 5 stars

A Trip With Your Wife stars Bryan Chang as Ah Cheng, whose story is closely knitted with his best friend Ah Zhi (Rhydian Vaughan) and his university sweetheart-turned-wife Xiaoya (Michelle Chen). Ah Cheng is at the point of his life where his business is not doing so well, and his relationship with Xiaoya is strained too. But one day, Ah Zhi, who goes missing after graduating from university, suddenly reappears in their lives with an absurd request: to go on an overseas trip with Xiaoya, alone.

On the surface, A Trip With Your Wife may seem like another attempt from Taiwan at a touching, romance movie. However, the story goes beyond romance with an added friendship element to it. The plot alternates between the current time period, when Ah Cheng follows after the two on a trip to Canada and hopes to get his wife back, and the past, during their university days when Ah Zhi helps Ah Cheng to win Xiaoya’s heart. As the movie unfolds, events start to piece together and reveal the truth behind each character.

Although the story may be predictable and can be unrealistic, a number of twists have been planted in the plot, which send the audience on a roller-coaster journey of emotions. Bouts of humour are also a pleasant addition to spice up the movie.

A Trip With Your Wife review: A touching comedy about love and friendship