‘Go back, bloody Indians,’ says S’porean man to expat family at Pasir Ris Beach Park

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Singapore – A man who repeated he was Singaporean and an NS (National Service) man was spotted accusing an expatriate family of four of spreading the Covid-19 virus in Singapore.

A video of the altercation, reported to have occurred on May 2, at about 6 pm at Pasir Ris Beach Park, was featured on Mothership.sg on Monday (May 10).

A man in a grey shirt allegedly taunted the family of four, consisting of a husband and wife, both aged 42, their son, 11 and daughter, 7.

The wife had written in to Mothership.sg to share the “traumatising” incident, noting that it was the first time they had been subjected to “racial comments” in the last 10 years of living in Singapore.

The man in grey had reportedly shouted in their direction, “Bloody Indians, go back, spreading virus here.”

He had repeated this statement before the husband walked up to him and said he couldn’t call them “bloody Indian” as “it’s a slang.” It was at this moment that the wife began recording the incident.

Eventually, the man in the grey shirt changed his point to a mask issue, as the husband did not have his face mask on when he needed to drink water; however, the taunts were clear, said the wife.

In the video, the man in grey could be heard identifying himself as a Singaporean and an NSman. He also questioned the husband where he served his NS.

He then pointed out that the man was not wearing his mask. “I’m not talking to you. You are not wearing your mask. You must maintain a safe distance,” he was heard saying.

“This is my country. Back off. Maintain your distance,” continued the man in grey.

“You are coming here. You are spreading the virus. This will go to social media.”

The wife could be heard saying off-camera, “Did you say, ‘Bloody Indian’?”

“Continuously taunting us ‘Bloody Indians’, it is not fair,” she noted. The wife attempted to approach the man in grey; however, she was signalled by her husband to keep her distance.

“He is not normal,” the husband explained.

Towards the end of the video, the man in grey repeatedly accused the family of spreading the virus in Singapore.

The wife shared to Mothership.sg that their daughter was affected by the scene. “We moved quickly out as my daughter was a bit traumatised by the incident.

“She kept on saying, ‘I am born in Singapore, and I am Singaporean – how can he call me bloody Indian?'”

A video of the altercation can be watched here.

In a separate incident, a woman was caught on camera shouting, “Get out of my country” and “Get out of Singapore”, at a foreign couple along Keppel Bay on May 1.

The woman had followed the cyclist duo, repeatedly shouting, “Get out”, and eventually called them “white tr*sh”. /TISG

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‘Go back, bloody Indians,’ says S’porean man to expat family at Pasir Ris Beach Park