Sister review: Touching film about gender inequality in China

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**Length: 127 minutes

Director: Yin Ruoxin

Cast: Zhang Zifeng, Xiao Yang

Language: Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles

Release details: In theatres 13 May (Singapore)**

4 out of 5 stars

Sister is a Chinese production starring Zhang Zifeng as An Ran, whose parents died in a car accident. She later finds out that she has a little brother An Ziheng (Darren Yowon Kim), who was born after she went to college. An Ran becomes torn between leaving her brother to go to Beijing to further her studies, and giving up everything to take care of her brother.

One of the best Chinese films recently, Sister explores societal issues in China, specifically the one-child policy and gender preference. It is heartbreaking to see that young An Ran is forced to pretend to be a cripple, just so that her parents can be approved to have another child. The difference in treatment between a daughter and a son becomes sadly apparent as well, when An Ran said her memory of her deceased father was getting beaten by him, who had never laid a finger on Ziheng.

Sister review: Touching film about gender inequality in China