iOS PS Remote Play app now supports PS5's DualSense controller

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The PS5's DualSense controller now works with the PS Remote Play app on iOS devices.

As first reported by VGC, Sony has now updated the Remote Play app on all iOS devices to support the PS5's DualSense controller. As of right now, all users can download update 4.0 for the app on their iOS device and get using the new wireless controller straight away.

There is a slight catch, however. Although the remote play app itself isn't limited to newer versions of the iOS software, DualSense support is limited to iOS 14.5 on iPhones, iPadOS 14.5 as well, so you'll need to have your devices upgraded to a newer version of the system software to take advantage of the new compatibility feature with the DualSense controller.

Previously, iOS users have been able to stream their PS5 interface and games directly to their devices ever since Sony's next-gen console first launched last year in November 2020. Prior to this new update introducing support for the DualSense controller, users were restricted to playing PS5 games through either the PS4's DualShock controller or via touch controls.

In related news, Sony's CFO has apparently told analysts that the next-gen console will be hard to come by until at least next year in 2022. The PS5 was in relatively short supply already, practically since it launched last year, but Sony now expects that the shortages will continue for at least the next seven months, outpacing previous analysis that the console would be in short supply until at least the second half of this year. Despite all this, Sony's next-gen console has still been crowned the fastest-selling console in US history after six months in the market, a victory for Sony in spite of the supply constraints facing the company since last year.

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iOS PS Remote Play app now supports PS5's DualSense controller